Heavy Horse Pull

Come and join us for this year’s annual horse pull!

With help from Green’s Haulage. We now have a new pulling area!
The new pulling area is safer and more effective for the teams to pull in!
This year’s horse pull is open to everyone! No invitation needed. 

3300 LBS. and under

3300 LBS. and over


Prizes in Each Class

1st = $300.00     2nd = $250.00     3rd = $200.00
After Third Place, a hitch fee of $150.00 will be paid after two (2) completed draws (to a maximum of six (6) teams)


Rules and Regulations

1. The horse must be on the grounds by 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. start time.

2. All teams must complete an obstacle course prior to the pull to qualify for full participation.

3. The course shall be 150’/46 m long, with side lines 20’/6m apart.

4. To qualify, a draw of at least 20’/6 m is to be completed. 5. Teams will be allowed three (3) attempts to qualify. 6. While drawing, horses must stay within sidelines of the course, or be excused.

7. a) All draws are to be taken in order. Pass-ups will be allowed after the first 3 draws are successfully completed (Only 2 pass-ups in a row are allowed). b) The first 4 draws will be one block at a time- after that, a minimum of 2 blocks at a time will be put on the stone boat.

8. Ten minutes will be allowed to repair broken harness or equipment which has occurred during a draw, before calling on the next team.

9. Contestants will draw for their position or order prior to the commencement of competition.

10. Any forward movement of the stone boat will be considered as a draw.

11. Officials and contestants only are allowed within the course area during the draw.

12. Three minutes will be allowed for a teamster to hitch his team, “Times” will commence from the moment the team enters the draw area during the draw.

13. a) The teamster and 2 assistants only will be allowed in the draw area b) the teamster must have a person to help hook.

14. While their team is hitched to the stone boat: a) Neither teamster nor any assistant will be permitted to be alongside of or ahead of the team- that is, they will not be permitted to “head” their team. b) Assistants are not permitted to talk to the horses.

15. Slapping of the horses in a draw area and surrounding area during a draw will not be allowed.

16. A horse is permitted to participate as a member of one team only.

17. To determine light team horses with a combined girth of 165” or under going light, over 165” going heavy. A weight slip is not necessary to compete.

18. The Judge’s decision is final.

19. During the competition, attempting to or talking to the Judge, at the Judge’s discretion, will result in disqualification.

20. Any questions regarding the rules, or the operation of the competition are to be discussed with the committee only prior to the commencement of the competition.


For more information, please call Ramona at 705-636-5659

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